The Single Source Offshore Communications Solution
• Offering the complete communications package of voice, video, networking and real-time data management, Inmac is the single source solution that links multiple offshore rigs and production platforms with real-time onshore decision centers and applications. Our superior plug-and-play infrastructure facilitates productivity right from the start, providing all parties onboard secure access to high-quality phone, broadband Internet, e-mail and their corporate network the moment the rig arrives on location.
• Our commitment is to provide the highest up times with the best VSAT service in the industry.
• We focus on the details specific to high latency VSAT

High Throughput Satellites

Today, the advent of High Throughput Satellite (HTS) technology, coupled with rising demand for satellite communications, are expected to have a profound impact on the VSAT industry. With the huge influx of bandwidth capacity, HTS will bring both improved speeds and lower costs. Combined with major space segment and infrastructure advances, a prime opportunity exists to accelerate overall VSAT adoption on a much broader scale.
• WAN acceleration – Proper WAN acceleration infrastructure selection and configuration insure that you get the best throughput back for your cost of VSAT bandwidth. While some would say that it’s better for a VSAT provider to just try to sell more bandwidth, we want to make sure that you are using everything you buy at maximum efficiency.
• Voice QoS – Optimum VSAT teleport hub and remote configurations insure that your phone calls don’t become choppy and unintelligible. Additionally, we proactively monitor voice traffic so that we know when issues are occurring during offshore phone calls.
• Content filtering – Non business traffic has a tendency to overwhelm low bandwidth satellite links, especially on crew networks. We can help you filter traffic to make sure that you reduce non-essential traffic and protect your significant bandwidth investment.
• RF monitoring – By proactively monitoring the underlying RF link, we insure that higher level TCP/IP traffic is reliably transported across the space segment.
• iDirect is the industry’s leading IP-based satellite communications company providing technology, hardware, software, and services that enable VSAT service providers to optimize their networks and profitably expand their businesses. Our iDirect Intelligent Platform™ is a single, unified IP-based satellite architecture engineered to handle the widest range of applications and market needs.
IT networking Solutions

Our Solution for Business Networking
We are a full service company for all of your network requirements. Inmac caters to the network needs of small to medium sized companies that do not have full-time IT staff. We also contract our services to larger companies that need assistance on their day to day issues or special projects.
Whether you have one computer in your business or a hundred at several office locations, Inmac can provide the support you need to run your business with the highest degree of efficiency and network uptime. Our rapid response Help Desk ensures that any network issue you encounter will be handled quickly and documented properly in your case file.
Network Security
• Firewall
• Virus Protection
• Intrusion Detection and Protection
• Information Security Management
Our focus is on customer service. We believe that communicating frequently and educating you in the technology you use builds trust even if that makes you less dependent on our own services over time. We want to become a trusted advisor; just as we are with our other satisfied clients
Network Design, Implementation & Support We design your network with consideration for future growth and new locations. We perform troubleshooting of every network issue to complete resolution.
Remote Access & Virtual Private Networks (VPN’s) For the telecommuting employee that works from home or on the road, we provide solutions that allow fully secure access to the company network, applications and e-mail.
Internet Connectivity & E-mail If you have problems with internet connectivity or simply want a more reliable internet service, we help you find the solution that best fits your needs. We administer in-house e-mail and web servers.
Network Security & Firewalls Hackers, viruses and worms can cause grave consequences to today’s systems. We protect your company network with anti-virus applications and hardware solutions (firewall).

Network types
Inmac provides solutions for all types of networks. Understanding the varying system features will help you in selecting the network that best suits your needs.
Personal Area Network (PAN)
PAN is the smallest of the network types. This network consists of an individual’s computer and any connecting devices, such as printers, PDAs or iPods.
Local Area Network (LAN)
This is the most common type of network solution. It connects you to multiple computers in your home or work via cable or wireless connections.
Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)
MANs usually connect LAN and WAN in a metropolitan area and do not extend past a city or town’s geographic boundaries. This type of network is generally open to the public.
Wide Area Network (WAN)
This network type is a step higher than MAN networks. They cross city and national borders with the use of routers. WAN networks are not open to the public like MAN networks.
Peer-to-Peer Network
This type of network gives all of the computers on the network equal importance. Each computer contains all of the software and data used throughout the network, and each user has complete access. This type of network is generally found in small businesses.
Campus Area Network (CAN)
This network solution is used on university campuses, where networks in multiple buildings need to be connected. CANs are also used in industrial businesses, where offices are in multiple buildings, such as an industrial business park.
Intranet is a network run by a company that is used by employees to communicate internally. An extranet network is designed for internal company use and allows access to clients and vendors in the outside world.
Virtual Private Network (VPN)
VPNs allow users to access the Internet within private business networks. This network operates using a secure link and is generally used by remote business workers.
Client/Server Network
This network holds information in a central location (the server), while allowing access from other computers connected to the server. Computers connected can access and save files to the server. This type of network is used in many businesses. A primary benefit is all data is located in a central location, making it easier to back up and locate information.
Global Area Network (GAN)
Providing global coverage, GAN is the largest network solution. It is composed of different networks connected together, providing an unlimited geographical coverage area. This network uses a variety of technology to maintain network communication, including satellite.

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